Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston TX

Dryer Vent Before And After

It is the time to prevent fire hazards from occurring at your house any time, calling Air Conditioner Repair Houston TX for 1st class dryer vent cleaning service in Houston, Texas. Yes, your clogged dryer vent is the hidden risk that is located on your home to threaten your life safety.

When Do You Need For Urgent Vent Cleaning?

Dryer hose cleaning service is not the thing that may wait, as you will unexpectedly find yourself in front of a dryer fire. So to prevent these dryer fires, do not wait for one minute else to call Air Conditioner Repair Houston TX to unclog your dryer professionally, especially if you have not cleaned it for more one year.

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Finding your dryer can not work effectively/ needs for additional clothes drying time/ creates abnormal noise/ is too hot to touch and the laundry is hot too/ a mold smell is coming from it/ burning smell is coming from it, or lint collects around it, is considered an urgent calling for cleaning the vents.

So if you find one of these warnings even if you have recently cleaned your dryer, call Air Conditioner Repair Houston TX right now.

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How Dryer Fires Take Place!

When clothes enter your dryer, they carry the tiny flammable fabric that is called lint as the wet catches this lint, so at the time the garments become dry, this lint goes freely into your dryer; that is why dryers are produced with a lint trap.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

But unfortunately, this lint screen can not catch 100% of this lint, which escapes placing on the vents, which the dryer needs to get rid of its internal heat. So this heat is jailed inside the machine to react with this lint, causing in a dryer fire. For that at the time you have a clogged dryer, a fire may take place suddenly.

Call Air Conditioner Repair Houston TX to get a professional lint removal service as fast as possible.

How We Unclog Dryers!

We are the free-estimate dryer vent cleaning service that has served Houston, Texas, for more than 15 years, protecting thousands of houses from facing dryer fires, knowing well how to unclog dryers, and achieve the complete cleaning, removing lint, dirt, and any debris.

How can the lint escape from the latest tools that our professional lint cleaners use? From the deepest place at your dryer ducts to the surface, you will get a completely clean machine that will work as it should for a long time. Then, you have the choice to get a new dryer without paying for a new unit, having your current dryer works functionally.

Reduce your electricity bills and save the wasted time in the clothes drying time, calling us for +Trusted dryer vent cleaning service in Houston, TX. A mold smell is coming from it/ burning smell coming from it, or a lint collects around it, call us.

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